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Business Lens is a core module of the trust-hub platform, enabling you to manage compliance risks and drive business growth through harnessing personal data on an ultra-secure platform that follows GDPR. Be one of the first to trial the software application now!

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Effortlessly protect, store and use personal data.

trust-hub is an innovative, hosted platform that enables organisations to capitalise on shifts in the data protection and privacy landscape.

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“20 million reasons for organisations to get EU data reforms right.” – The Information Commissioner’s Office

GDPR fines can can be as high as €20 million. Start on the road to compliance today.

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Turn the challenge of data protection and compliance into a commercial advantage. Create operational efficiencies and better manage risk when processing personal information.


Protect your customers’ and employees’ PII in transit and at rest.

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Free-flowing data without compromising security.

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Rapidly respond to customer requests and manage consent transparently.

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The data protection and privacy landscape is evolving

“The EU data protection reforms promise to be the biggest shake up for consumers’ data protection rights for three decades. Organisations simply cannot afford to fall behind.” – The Information Commissioner’s Office

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Fines for infringements can be as high as €20 million

GDPR poses an existential threat to those who fail to meet its requirements.

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2 of 5 businesses are unaware of GDPR

In the dark on GDPR? We've summarised the key facts you need to know.

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GDPR can be more than a tick-box exercise in compliance

See how you can achieve operational best practice and gain a commercial advantage.

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Five steps to follow on the road to compliance

Discover what the regulation means for your organisation.

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